Blue Light Cube Protective Goggles


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  • Protects from polymerization light
  • Can also be worn over prescription glasses
  • Soft, longitudinally adjustable temples
  • With side protection
  • With anti-fog and anti-scratch coating
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Blue Light Cube Protective Goggles

These blue light Cube protective goggles offer reliable protection when using polymerization lights. Wearers of prescription glasses can wear these protective goggles over their own glasses. The temples have soft cushioning and can be adjusted in length, thus increasing wearer comfort. The anti-fog coating enables clear sight and the anti-scratch coating protects from scratches and abrasions. The orange color and integrated side protection of the blue light cube protective goggles protect the eyes effectively when hardening composite fillings.

Product Details

  • Protective goggles with light protection filter
  • Over-glasses for users with glasses
  • Soft, length-adjustable temples
  • With integrated side protection
  • Anti-fog coating
  • Anti-scratch coating
  • Weight: 37 g
  • UV protection 525nm

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Blue Light Cube Protective Goggles

Blue Light Cube Protective Goggles