Blunt Retractor from Weitlaner


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  • Single-use instrument
  • Made from a high-performance polymer
  • 13 cm long, 3:4 teeth
  • Half sharp
  • Dispenser box with 20 sterile surgical spreaders
Guaranteed usable until: 07/12/2027
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Weitlaner Surgical Retractor

This Weitlaner retractor is a surgical instrument from the SUSI single-use instrument series from Aesculin. The surgical retractor is made from a fiberglass-reinforced, high-performance polymer and is simply disposed of after use. These retractors are mainly used in visceral surgery or trauma surgery, but are also used in other surgical specialties, such as urology or neurosurgery, when tissue has to be retracted over a large area for a longer period of time to allow a free surgical field. The semi-sharp surgical instruments have 3 x 4 teeth, whereby the sides with 3 teeth are blunt and those with 4 teeth are sharp.

Product Details

  • Weitlaner Retractor
  • Half sharp
  • Made of a fiberglass-reinforced, high-performance polymer with excellent mechanical properties
  • 3:4 teeth
  • 13 cm long
  • 5 year sterile shelf life
  • Environmentally-friendly disposal
  • 20 pieces, individually sterile packed in a dispenser box

Advantages of SUSI Single-Use Instruments:

  • Sterile instruments are always ready for use, when needed
  • No risk of infectious transmission
  • Same standard of quality, since a new instrument is always used
  • Use of a sterilizer or autoclave is superfluous
  • No risk of passing rust from old instruments to high-quality instruments
  • Eliminates cost and time-intensive reprocessing and sterilization

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Blunt Retractor from Weitlaner

Blunt Retractor from Weitlaner