Carbide bur, cross-cut cone


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Carbide bur, cross-cut


This carbide bur by Erkodent is cross-cut and is ideal for the rough removal of plastic and NPM alloys. The bur with a light blue ring is available as a cone or pear shape and enables the large-scale creation of thermoforming splints and prosthetics. The conical bur makes teeth and edges easy to shape, the pear-shaped carbide bur makes it possible to avoid deflective occlusal contacts.


Product details:

  • Carbide bur
  • Cross-cut
  • With light blue ring
  • To make thermoforming splints
  • To work NPM alloys and plastics
  • Adapted for handpieces
  • Available as a cone or pear shape

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Carbide bur, cross-cut cone

Carbide bur, cross-cut cone