Cleaning booster for Gigasept FF


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  • Formaldehyde-free combination preparation
  • For cleaning and disinfection
  • Very good material compatibility
  • Wide spectrum of action
  • Standing time of 7 days
Guaranteed usable until: 30/07/2025
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Gigasept FF (new) Combination Preparation

Gigasept FF (new) instrumentation disinfection is a preparation for the combined disinfection and cleaning of surgical and medical instruments based on succinic aldehyde.

For even more effective cleaning the Gigasept FF (new) instrument disinfection can be used in combination with the cleaning booster Gigasept FF.

Areas of Application

  • For manual disinfection and disinfection preparation of surgical instruments and sensitive medical instruments
  • Particularly suited to thermolabile and thermostable endoscopes (flexible and rigid) and ultrasound probes
  • Suitable for semi-automatic or fully-automatic equipment, operating at room temperature using forced air circulation


  • Complies with new standard methods and Euro standards
  • Wider spectrum of action
  • Extended field of application as a result of testing under high levels of organic contamination
  • Very good material compatibility (metals, rubber, glass, porcelain, plastics)
  • Microbiological efficacy: Effective against bacteria (including M. terrae/avium), fungi, certain viruses (including HIV, HBV and HCV), viruses and bacterial spores. Also effective against antibiotic-resistant bacteria (such as MRSA), clostridium difficile and helicobacter pylori within VAH concentrations.
  • Formaldehyde-free
  • 7 days’ standing time

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Cleaning booster for Gigasept FF

Cleaning booster for Gigasept FF