CO Breath Tester «CO Check plus»


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  • Measures carbon monoxide value in exhaled air
  • Easy operation
  • Reliable measurement results
  • Particularly safe via use of special mouthpieces
  • Can be set for pregnant women and teens
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CO Breath Tester «CO Check plus»

The CO breath tester «CO Check plus» is a handy measurement device with which the CO value in exhaled air can be determined within only a few seconds. Through simple operation and special mouthpieces that offer high safety against viruses and bacteria, the CO Check plus is ideal for smoker consultations and cessation. The CO breath tester can absolutely also be used for people with possible carbon-monoxide poisoning. For this reason, the CO Chek plus is also used in rescue services and during firefighting missions.

The CO Check plus has a large, easy to read display and supports classification of the measured values with colorful LEDs. The CO breath tester will be delivered to you as a starter set including SafeBreath mouthpieces and a transport case.

Product Details 

  • CO Breath Tester
  • Ideal as a supportive device for smoker consultation and cessation
  • Also suited for use in rescue services and for firefighters
  • Digital representation of measurement results
  • Colorful LEDs ease value clarification (traffic light system)
  • Instructions in LCD display lead through the measurement process
  • Measured value display in ppm and COHb(%)
  • Can be set for pregnant women and teens
  • Special SafeBreath mouthpieces offer 99% virus and bacteria protection
  • Environmental mode
  • Operate with 9 volte batteries
  • 2 year warranty

Application overview

    • For smokers’ counselling and smoking cessation
    • If acute carbon monoxide poisoning is suspected
    • For rescue services and fire brigade operations

Technical Data for the CO Check plus

  • Measurement range: 0 – 99ppm 
  • Measurements also displayed in COHb(%)
  • Sensor sensitivity: 1ppm 
  • Reaction time: <15 seconds 
The CO breath tester «CO Check plus» will be delivered to you as a start set including a case, batteries and 4 SafeBreath mouthpieces.

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