Ear Acupuncture Model


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  • Representation of the most important acupuncture points on the ear
  • Point markings in European notations
  • Mounted on a plain, white plastic base
  • Including small booklet with overview of the acupuncture points
  • Dimensions incl. base: 23.5 x 12 x 11.5 cm
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Ear Acupuncture Model

The ear acupuncture model clearly shows the acupuncture points of the human ear. In ear acupuncture, special needles are stuck into acupuncture points that are assigned to the various body regions and functions; the ear acupuncture model serves as a template for locating these points.

Product Details

  • Model of a human ear
  • Acupuncture points in European notation
  • Made from plastic
  • With practical, white plastic base
  • The ear model can be removed from the base for closer inspection
  • Dimensions including base: 23.5 x 12 x 11.5 cm (H x W x D)

Advantages of this Model:

The acupuncture point descriptions are imprinted and, in addition, the respective acupuncture points are marked in red. To improve clarity, the Chinese characters have been omitted. With a length of 21.5 cm, the ear acupuncture model is about twice the size of a natural ear, so that all points are easily identifiable.

The ear acupuncture model is supplied with a practical, plain plastic base from which it can be removed. Also included in delivery is a small overview of the ear acupuncture points (in English).

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Ear Acupuncture Model

Ear Acupuncture Model