Encore Latex Underglove 5.5


  • Surgical gloves for double gloving
  • Minimal wall thickness, high tactile sensitivity
  • With skin-friendly, remoisturising inner coating
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Encore Latex Underglove


Encore Latex Underglove surgical gloves are specially designed for operations where double gloving is necessary. The minimal wall thickness gives these gloves excellent tactile sensitivity, even when double gloving. The inside of the Encore Latex Underglove gloves has both a polyurethane coating and a HydraSoft coating. While the polyurethane coating makes them easy to put on and remove and provides resistance against alcohol-based disinfectants, the HydraSoft coating ensures that the skin retains moisture despite long periods of use and constant contact with cleaners and disinfectants.


Product Details

  • Encore Latex Underglove
  • Powder-free surgical gloves
  • Conceived for double gloving
  • Ideal for operations requiring double gloving
  • High finger mobility
  • Excellent strength, effective protective barrier
  • Minimal wall thickness awards excellent tactile sensitivity
  • Skin-friendly, remoisturising HydraSoft technology nourishes the skin, even during longer periods of use
  • SureFit technology prevents cuffs from rolling up
  • Polyurethane inner coating makes them resistant to alcohol-based disinfectants
  • Very low protein content (30 μg/g or less of water-extractable protein)
  • Minimal risk of skin irritation via low levels of chemical accelerators
  • Colour: blue-green
  • Provides immediate recognition of damaged overglove
  • Microtextured, chlorinated surface with layer of silicon spray
  • Inside: polyurethane and moisturiser coating
  • Sterile packed in pairs
  • 1 box contains 50 pairs of Encore Latex Undergloves

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Encore Latex Underglove 5.5

Encore Latex Underglove 5.5