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  • Brass stethoscope head with dual-frequency diaphragm
  • Ideal for nearly all disciplines
  • Ergonomically-shaped ear tips
  • Total length: 71.5 cm
  • Upon registration: 7 year warranty
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ERKA Sensitive

The ERKA Sensitive is a high-end professional stethoscope that allows for auscultation of higher and lower frequencies thanks to the sound chamber design and the ERKA Dual-Frequency Diaphragm. Whether for blood pressure monitoring or cardiology – the ERKA sensitive can be used in almost all medical disciplines. The glossy-polished, chrome-plated brass bell ensures perfect surface hygiene.

Product Details

  • ERKA Sensitive professional stethoscope
  • ERKA Floating Dual-Frequency Diaphragm
  • Spring integrated in tubing provides amplification without sound loss 
  • Parallel, integral channels in the tubing prevent disturbing grinding sounds
  • Ergonomically designed, soft ear tips for outstanding wearer comfort
  • Chest piece diameter: 52 mm
  • Diaphragm diameter: 44 mm
  • Chest piece height: 25 mm
  • Total length: 71.5 cm
  • Tube length: 55.5 cm
  • Weight: 217 g
  • Warranty: 2 years
  • When you register your ERKA Sensitive at, ERKA rewards you with a 7 year warranty on your stethoscope

The ERKA Dual-Frequency Diaphragm

Floating diaphragm prevents sounds from being transmitted if it is deformed. The diaphragm is designed so as to withstand day to day use in the practice or clinic; nevertheless, ensuring outstanding sound transmission.

On the outside–the side that touches the skin–the stethoscope features a strong plastic membrane that protects the internal, highly sensitive and extra thin copper-beryllium diaphragm. The space between the two diaphragms provides extra resonance space and acts as a pre-amplifier. The ERKA Dual-Frequency Diaphragm guarantees a perfect auscultation result and confident diagnosis.

Spring, Tube & Ear tips

The separately-integrated spring in the tubing means that sound is transmitted from the chest piece to the ear, virtually loss-free. The two channels running parallel in the tubing prevent disturbing grinding sounds. The ergonomically-shaped soft ear tips not only guarantee wearer comfort, but also prevent acoustic loss

The ERKA Sensitive professional stethoscope is available with the following tube colors: black, blue, burgundy, grey, green and red.

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ERKA Sensitive, Porsche Design

ERKA Sensitive, Porsche Design