“Euronda Monoart” Surgical Mask elastic ear loops


  • Colourful surgical mask
  • Available with ear loops or tie bands
  • With flexible nose strap
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Euronda Monoart® Surgical Mask


Multi-coloured Euronda Monoart® surgical mask with 99% filtering efficiency. Thanks to the extra-long nose-piece, this latex and fibreglass-free face mask can be optimally adjusted to the shape of the nose.
The Euronda Monoart® face mask is supplied either with soft elastic ear loops or non-elastic binding straps for fastening at the back of the head.


Overview of the individual layers of the Euronda Surgical Mask:

  1. Hydrophobic on the outside: water-repellent; any oncoming drops are intercepted due to the lotus effect.
  2. Meltblown filters: special filter tissue with a bacterial retention capacity of over 99%
  3. Hydrophile on the inside: The water-attracting polypropylene absorbs the drops formed through respiration. Anti-fog effect for wearers of glasses


Product Details

  • Euronda Monoart® Surgical mask
  • Available in classic white and 7 fantastic colours
  • 3-ply
  • Over 99% filtering efficiency
  • Latex and fibreglass-free
  • Ultrasonically sutured all around
  • Optional Rubber straps covered in cotton wool for fastening at the ears or rigid binding straps for fastening at the back of the head
  • Metal nose-piece, extra-long
  • Supplied in dispenser box of 50

You can purchase the Euronda Monoart surgical mask in different colours

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elastic ear loops, tie bands


Blue, White

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