Foliodrape® CombiSet® Suture Set II


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  • Ready-to-use, sterile set
  • Contents: Disposable instruments, dressing materials & fenestrated drape
  • Clearly labelled as disposable
  • Sterile shelf life of several years
  • Elimination of reprocessing
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Foliodrape® Suture Set II by Hartmann, Sterile

The Foliodrape® suture set II contains disposable instruments, bandaging materials and a surgical drape. With this suture set, you have all the most important equipment for wound treatment and for surgical wound closure; all ready for immediate use. The Foliodrape® suture set II can be used in combination with any surgical suture. All items included in the set are sterile and immediately ready for use.


  • 1 x Foliodrape® protect fenestrated drape, Ø 7 cm, 60 x 50 cm
  • 5 x Gauze swabs, plum-sized
  • 5 x Fleece gauze pads, 7.5 x 7.5 cm
  • 1 x Iris scissors, straight, 11.5 cm in length (Peha® disposable instrument)
  • 1 x Micro-Adson surgical forceps – 12 cm in length (Peha® disposable instrument)
  • 1 x Mayo-Hegar needle holder – 12 cm in length (Peha® disposable instrument)

The disposable instruments contained within this suture set are made of matted, brushed steel and are clearly marked for single-use. The gauze swabs and pads are optimal for absorption of blood or wound exudate, or for dressing the wound after wound closure. A sterile shelf life of several years permits cost-effective storage and use of the Foliodrape® suture set. This set also features Peha® Color Lock® security labelling for reliable differentiation of reusable instruments

Application overview

  • For wound care & surgical wound closure
  • Can be combined with any surgical sutures


  • Low personnel and material costs due to disposable preparation
  • Ready for immediate use
  • Optimal safety for doctor and patient through guaranteed sterile, disposable products
  • Easy and quick documentation
  • Disposable instruments with Peha® Color Lock® safety mark allows for immediate differentiation of disposable instruments

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Foliodrape? CombiSet? Suture Set II

Foliodrape® CombiSet® Suture Set II