Geratherm Classic Thermometer, Mercury-Free


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  • Thermometer with case
  • Mercury-free, waterproof
  • Classic design
  • Nickel and PVC-free
  • Lifelong measurement precision guaranteed
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Geratherm classic Thermometer with Shake-Down Aid

The Geratherm classic is a disinfectant-resistant thermometer with a classic design. The mercury-free thermometer with analogue display is 100 % waterproof, nickel and PVC-free and can be used by people with allergies. As a measurement liquid, the thermometer uses the non-toxic and environmentally-friendly liquid metal Galinstan. It is equipped with the “easy flip” shake-down aid to facilitate shaking down of the temperature.

Product Details

  • Geratherm classic thermometer
  • With “easy flip” shake-down aid
  • Classic design
  • Mercury-free
  • With Galinstan as a measurement liquid
  • Environmentally-friendly and non-toxic
  • Lifelong measurement accuracy guaranteed (+0.1 / -0.15 °C)
  • Easy and safe to clean and disinfect
  • 100 % waterproof
  • Suitable for people with allergies, because it is nickel and PVC-free
  • Measurement range: 35.5 °C – 42.0 °C
  • With protective case

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Geratherm Classic Thermometer, Mercury-Free

Geratherm Classic Thermometer, Mercury-Free