Human Skeleton Model


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  • 85 cm tall skeleton model
  • 3-part skull, removable extremities
  • Shows nerves and vessels
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Anatomical Skeleton Model with Nerves and Blood Vessels

This anatomical skeleton model has nerves and blood vessels to demonstrate the pathways of the major arteries and veins in the body, as well as smaller vessels in the extremities. Furthermore, the pathway of the nerves in the head, extremities and in the pelvic area are shown.

Despite the skeleton model being approx. half life-size (85 cm), great emphasis has been placed on clarity, a true-to-life scale and detail. Therefore, for example, the numerous bones of the foot can be seen, and the skull can be removed to reveal small brain model. The anatomical skeleton model with nerves and vessels comes delivered with a stable base.

Product Details

  • Anatomical Skeleton
  • Shows nerves and blood vessels
  • 85 cm tall
  • Partially dis as semblable
  • Comes with a sturdy base
  • Manufactured from sturdy plastic (PVC)

Vascular Details

To best illustrate the circulatory system, the skeleton features vessels and a heart. The vessels are made of a special plastic that makes them soft and flexible.

Bone Details

  • Removable limbs
  • 3-piece skull
  • Shows membrane interossei curries and antebrachia
  • Scaled replica

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Human Skeleton Model

Human Skeleton Model