Injekt F Fine Dosing Syringes


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  • 1 ml syringes with 0.01 ml scaling
  • Excellent readability
  • Centric Luer connector
  • With displacement tip and safe plunger stopper
  • Free of latex, PVC and silicone oil
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Injekt F Fine Dosage Syringes 

The Injekt F fine dosage syringes from B.Braun have an easy-read scale and a safe plunger to allow for precise drawing of small amounts up to a max of 1ml. The displacement tip ensures no dead space during injection and the medication can be injected without loss. The 2-part fine dosage syringes are individually sterile sealed and compliant with EN ISO 7886-1. 

Product Details 

  • 2-part fine dosage syringes with 1ml volume
  • Scaling: 0.01 ml 
  • Highly transparent cylinder with black, wipe-resistant scale
  • Very easy to read
  • Green plunger
  • Safe plunger stopper eases drawing up to maximum volume
  • Displacement tip prevents dead space and medication loss
  • Free of silicone oil, latex and PVC
  • With central Luer connector
  • In compliance with EN ISO 7886-1
  • Individually sterile packed
  • 1 pack contains 100 pieces
The Injekt F fine dosage syringes from B.Braun are not only great for applications of Tuberculin and Heparin, but also for allergy examinations. In veterinary medicine, they are also used for oral medication administration.

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Injekt F Fine Dosing Syringes

Injekt F Fine Dosing Syringes