Intrafix SafeSet UV Protect


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  • Orange, transparent infusion set
  • For application of light-sensitive drugs
  • Offers high safety during infusion
  • With AirStop and PrimeStop
  • Tube length: 180 cm
Guaranteed usable until: 01/08/2028
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Intrafix SafeSet UV Protect 

The Intrafix SafeSet UV Protect allows for the complete, UV-protected application of light sensitive drugs. Through its orange, transparent infusion tube, air pockets and particles can quickly be detected; thus allowing for high patient safety. The Intrafix SafeSet UV Protect infusion device from B.Braun also includes an AirStop filter, which hinders the flow of air into the connecting tube.

Product Details

  • Intrafix SafeSet UV Protect 
  • Ideal for the application of light-sensitive drugs
  • Orange, transparent infusion device with UV protection in the relevant spectra (290 – 520nm)
  • Allows for quick detection of air pockets and particles (compare to black light protection tubes)
  • With AirStop und PrimeStop 
  • Sharp cannula
  • Residue-free emptying of infusion bag
  • Bacteria resistant ventilation via the green euro valve
  • Free-standing, slow drip
  • 15µm filter 
  • Roll-clamp with cannula attachment
  • Pressure resistant up to 2 bar 
  • With leer lock adaptor
  • Tube length: 180cm 
  • PVC- und DEHP-free
  • 1 Set

Pros of the Orange, Transparent UV-Protection Products from B.Braun

  • High safety in the application of light-sensitive drugs
  • Identical UV protection as with black tubes (Spectrums 290 – 520nm)
  • Allows for early detection of air pockets and particles
  • Simple classification of UV protection class via colorful differentiation from traditional products

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Intrafix SafeSet UV Protect

Intrafix SafeSet UV Protect