Isotonic Saline Solution


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  • 0.9 % NaCl infusion solution
  • Ideal carrier solution for medicines
  • Also suitable for wound cleansing or eye rinsing
  • 500 ml saline solution in a practical PE bottle
  • Quantity: 1 carton with 10 bottles
Guaranteed usable until: 30/06/2026
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Isotonic Saline Solution 0.9 %

Isotonic saline solution NaCl 0.9 % is the most commonly used infusion solution worldwide. The isotonic saline solution is used, for example, as a carrier solution for water-soluble medicines or as an irrigation solution for catheters or for moistening wounds. In addition, sodium chloride solution (NaCl) can also be used as an eye wash to remove foreign bodies or for volume substitution. You can buy the sodium chloride infusion solution from our shop in boxes of 10 x 500 ml bottles at a reasonable price.

In addition to saline solutions, you will find other isotonic infusion solutions, such as the Ringer whole electrolyte solution, but also hypertonic glucose solutions in our wide range.

Product Details

  • Isotonic saline solution sodium chloride 0.9 % (NaCl)
  • Ideally suited as a carrier solution and rinsing solution
  • Also suitable for wound cleansing, eye irrigation and volume substitution
  • In a practical PE infusion bottle
  • Scope of delivery: 10 x 500 ml


  • As a carrier solution for medication
  • To hold open a venous access
  • For flushing catheters
  • Eye wash
  • Isotonic volume replacement after dehydration
  • Wound cleansing and wound care

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