Manual Suction Pump


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  • High-performance pump
  • Mobile, manual use possible
  • With disposable container
  • Soft and atraumatic suction catheters
  • Cost-effective alternative to electric & foot-powered models
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Manual Suction Pump

The suction pump is supplied in a set including two catheters and a disposable secretion container with closure and suction cap. The supplied catheters have the size CH 28 and 40, to allow you to choose the ideal container for the suction.

This manual suction pump is a cost-effective alternative to electric and foot-operated suction pumps. It is used for manual suction of liquids and secretions in the mouth and nose area, to quickly and reliably clear the airways. The light and compact device fits easily into all standard emergency bags and cases.

A valve prevents back flow of the suctioned fluid to the patient. As the manual suction pump operates without electricity, it can be used anywhere, anytime. The suction pump is equipped with a 15mm I.D connector to directly connect it to an endotracheal tube, to the supplied catheters or for funnel-shaped suction catheters.

With this suction device, suctioning in the inpatient as well as outpatient area is made easy for you, because due to its handiness it can be carried along at any time without taking up much space. The electricity-free operation also makes the device ideal for use in emergency services – even if the operation site is in a remote area.

Product Details

  • Mobile manual suction pump
  • For the quick suctioning of fluids from the mouth and nasal area
  • Suitable for children, adults and animals
  • Effective and high performance
  • Valve prevents back flow of suctioned fluid to the patient
  • Compact and light
  • Fits in all standard emergency bags and cases
  • Easy to use
  • Soft and atraumatic suction catheter
  • Vacuum: max. 560mmHg
  • Dimensions: 180 x 50 x 170mm
  • Weight: 170g

Delivery Contents

  • Manual suction pump
  • 1 disposable container (adults)
  • Closing cap
  • Adapter for standard suction catheter
  • Suction lid
  • 2 suction catheters (28Fr, 40Fr)

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Manual Suction Pump

Manual Suction Pump