MediSet Wound Set


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  • Sterile set for wound closure
  • With high-quality, disposable metal instruments
  • Particularly hygienic, immediately ready for use
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The MediSet Wound Set from Hartmann is a sterile set consisting of swabs, instruments and a cup, which is ideal for closing wounds with surgical suture. All of the instruments in this set are made of metal and offer the same feel as reusable instruments. Because all of the components in the MediSet Wound Set are single-use items, the risk of cross-contamination and infectious transmission is reduced to a minimum.

Product Details

  • Sterile MediSet Wound Set from Hartmann
  • For surgical wound closure
  • Contains high-quality, disposable metal instruments
  • The single-use instruments are not confusable with reusable instruments, thanks to clearly marked labels
  • Immediately ready for use
  • Also ideal for house calls
  • Sterile set, individually packed
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