MELAdoc Label Printer for Sterilisation Packages


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  • For printing sterilization labels
  • Secure labelling of sterile goods
  • Indication of batch number, sterilization & expiry date
  • Includes 1 label roll of 750 labels
  • Easy and quick handling
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MELAdoc Label Printer for Sterilisation Packages

The MELAdoc label printer simplifies labelling, documentation of the release of packaged sterilized instruments and textiles and enables batch traceability: By indicating the sterilization date, batch number, the name of the person releasing the instruments for use and the sterilizer used, the sterilized instruments can be easily assigned to the patient and the sterilization batch. Use the MELAdoc – label printer in conjunction with documentation sheets (e.g. MELAdoc documentation sheets).

MELAdoc labels are double self-adhesive. After using the instruments, the MELAdoc label can simply be removed from the packaging and stuck in the patient file.

The flawless packages containing the sterilized items are marked after sterilization by applying a label. This fulfils the prerequisites for proper “release” by the assistant entrusted with reprocessing. The risky labelling of film packaging with ballpoint pens (push-through) or permanent markers (micro perforation due to loosening of the plastic) is avoided.

With the MELAdoc label printer you can label sterile goods quickly and safely. The labels contain information about the sterilization date, expiry date, operator and batch number. A roll with 750 labels is included in the delivery.

Product Details

  • MELAdoc label printer for sterilization packaging from Melag
  • For printing sterilization labels
  • Labelling and documentation of the release of sterilized instruments & textiles
  • Enables batch tracking
  • Double self-adhesive labels
  • Fast and secure labelling of sterile goods
  • Label details: sterilization date, expiry date, operator, batch number
  • Includes one roll with 750 labels


In the event of an allegation of secondary infection, all information about the correct sterilization process can be assigned to the instruments used via the MELAdoc labels in the patient file. Reference to the person responsible for reprocessing and release and the device used (sterilizer number) can be established, information on sterilization date and batch number enables the assignment to the sterilization protocols and thus reliable proof: the instruments used were sterilized properly.

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MELAdoc Label Printer for Sterilisation Packages

MELAdoc Label Printer for Sterilisation Packages