MELAseal 100+ Plastic Bag Heat Sealer with Roll Holder ?Standard?


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  • Short warm-up time
  • Continuously adjustable thermostat
  • Sealing seam width 10 mm (exceeds EN 868-5)
  • Visual control of sealing time (flashing green LED)
  • Ergonomically shaped roll holder
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MELAseal 100+ Heat Sealer

Autoclave sterilization is the safest way to prevent infections. However, after sterilization, care must be taken to ensure that the instrument set is not decontaminated. With the MELAseal 100+ plastic bag heat sealer from MELAG, instruments can be securely sealed so that they can be stored and protected from contamination. Optimum 10mm-wide weld seams are effortlessly generated at a precise pressure. In accordance with DIN 58953, at least an 8 mm seam is required. The work table is integrated into the machine housing.

Product Details

  • MELAseal 100+ Heat Sealer
  • 10 mm sealing seam width (exceeds the requirement of EN 868-5 with a minimum width of 6 mm)
  • Infinitely adjustable thermostat allows the use of packages from different manufacturers
  • Preheating time: 2 minutes
  • Sealing without pause
  • Electronically controlled display of operational readiness
  • Equipped with visual and audible alarm in case of insufficient sealing time
  • Visual control of sealing time (flashing green LED)
  • Removable operating lever for right and left-handed operation
  • Suitable for sterilization bags and rolls
  • Ergonomically shaped roll holder
  • The required length of plastic film can already be cut from the roll during the welding process by means of sliding cutters
  • In case of a deviation of the sealing time or sealing temperature, an acoustic and an optical signal is given
  • Power: 510 W
  • Weight: 5.4 kg
  • Dimensions MELAseal 100+ with roll holder comfort: 28 x 37 cm / with roll holder standard: 46 x 15 cm

Once the MELAseal 100+ has been switched on, the machine requires approx. 2 minutes to heat up. Once the indicator light goes out, this shows that the machine is in stand-by mode. By operating the lever, the pressure bar is pressed against the heated aluminum rail. After only 2 seconds, the sterilization pack is already properly sealed with a 10 mm-wide welded seam.

With the integrated cutting knife, bags can be cut to the required length from the plastic film roll during the welding process and can, therefore, be more cost effectively processed than ready-made plastic bags.

MELAseal 100+ is designed for the surgery where, at certain times of the day within a relatively short period of time, a range of instruments are sealed into see-through sterilization packs (e.g. MELAfol); before lunch or at the close of surgery, for example.

The MELAseal 100+ heat sealer is available with 2 different roll holders: 

  • Roll holder «Standard» (practical and economical, takes up some space behind the MELAseal device)
  • Roll holder «Comfort» (extremely space saving, as the roll holder is above the device)

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MELAseal 100+ Plastic Bag Heat Sealer with Roll Holder ?Standard?

MELAseal 100+ Plastic Bag Heat Sealer with Roll Holder ?Standard?


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