Nasal Nose Allergy

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  • Rhinitis
  • Acute and chronic rhinitis.
  • Sinus conditions
  • Nasal mucosal hyperemia
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Application Range:

Acute and chronic rhinitis.
Sinus conditions
Nasal mucosal hyperemia



Dimensions: 106mm x 20mm x 66mm
Power Supply: DC 4.5V, 3pcsxAAA batteries(not included)
1 pulse output channel
1 laser output channel
The laser light value (650 nano)
Pulse waveform (square-wave current)
Pulse radii degrees (strength)
The load output, the peak of the pulse voltage range of convergence 0V – for 42V
RMS maximum pulse output: 42V
Maximum output pulse power: more than 7uC
The pulse frequency of 1H



1.Adopts low-level laser irradiation which is painless, non-invasive, no side effects and has good, rapid effects.
2.The instrument do not contain pharmaceutical and chemical component. Laser treatment fundamentally enhance the detoxifying capacity and immunocompetence.
3.It’s a household portable instrument.
4.Chargeable medical use of high capacity lithium battery and can be used continuously about 30 hours after every charging.
5.Extra laser head jackets provided to make the treatment more cleaner and healthier.



1. Small size and portable, can be used at anytime and anywhere.

2. Dual output capability so as to be used simultaneously by two people.

3. High-capacity lithum battery.

4. HIgh quality import laser head with long life span.

5. Two output modes: Pulse and Continues, can be switched manually or automatically.

6. Adjustable treatment time/power.

7.It is a safe and effective way to treat rhinitis, non medicine, no side effect and totally green therapy treatment

Innovative and effective treatment for the relief of symptoms associated with allergic rhinitis


Usage method:

Twice per day(morning and evening), 30 minutes for each time, 7-10 days for one treatment course.

After 7- 10 days,Stop one or two days, Then, continue for next course..No any side effects under the long-term use.

Make sure to stay hydrated during the treatment.

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Dimensions120 × 20 × 66 cm

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Nasal Nose Allergy

$49.99$93.00 (-46%)

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