Vasofix Stylet


  • Stylet for the Vasofix Braunüle
  • Locking device, colour-coded
  • Latex- and PVC-free
  • 22G, 0.9x 25mm, blue
  • 20G, 1.1x 33mm, pink
  • 18G, 1.3x 33mm, green-white
  • 18G, 1.3x 45mm, green
  • 17G, 1.5x 45mm, white
  • 16G, 1.7x 50mm, grey
  • 14G, 2.2x 50mm, orange
SKU: BCHC11039 Category:
  • Vasofix stylet
  • Colour-coded
  • Lock connector
  • Latex and PVC-free
  • Individually sterile packaged

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22G, 0.9x 25mm, blue, 20G, 1.1x 33mm, pink, 18G, 1.3x 33mm, green-white, 18G, 1.3x 45mm, green, 17G, 1.5x 45mm, white, 16G, 1.7x 50mm, grey, 14G, 2.2x 50mm, orange

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