Retinoscope Set, Heine Beta 200


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  • Rechargeable handle, retinoscope, replacement bulb and case
  • 3.5 V halogen retinoscope for refraction exams
  • Long lasting, high-quality craftsmanship of all parts
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Product Details for the Retinoscope Set:
Heine Beta 200 retinoscope set
For objective refraction exams
Contains the Beta 4 USB rechargeable handle, XHL replacement bulb, hard shell case and retinoscope

Product Details for the Beta 200 Retinoscope:
With ParaStop function
Halogen illumination
Ergonomic design
Single-hand operation
Particle-tight housing
Continuous brightness regulation
Particularly bright, white light
Easy transformation into a spot retinoscope via bulb change
Particularly long lasting, thanks to metal operating elements

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LED Retinoscope Set, Heine Beta 200

Retinoscope Set, Heine Beta 200