Silicone Spray


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  • Medical instrument care spray
  • Heat stable, material compatible, toxicologically harmless
  • Also suited for valve care on flexible endoscopes
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Silicone Spray


This silicone spray from Dr. Schumacher is ideal for treating your medical instruments, turbines, hinges, hand and angle pieces. With the special spray valve, a fine, even protective film can be applied. The silicon spray is heat stable, material friendly and toxicologically harmless.


Product Details for the Silicone Spray

  • Medical instrument care spray
  • Heat stable (no problem to use prior to sterilisation)
  • Fine, even spray film
  • Contributes to material value retention
  • Optimal smearing
  • Active corrosion protection
  • High material compatibility
  • Toxicologically harmless
  • Contains only pure, non-resinous silicon oil
  • Prevents swelling when coming in contact with thermolabile materials (e.g. rubber or latex)
  • Composition: Dimethyl polysiloxane, propane/butane (CFC-free)
  • 1 Spray bottle; 500 ml


The Silicone Spray can be used to care for the following products:

  • Medical instruments
  • Air ball bearing turbines
  • Hinges
  • Hand and angle pieces
  • Valves on flexible endoscopes

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