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rotasept disinfectant cleaner


rotasept ® by Schuelke is a ready-to-use liquid for cleaning and disinfecting rotary instruments, using an alcohol and potassium hydroxide solution. The disinfectants can be used in burr baths as well as in ultrasound baths. rotasept has good material compatibility and comprehensive microbiological efficacy.


Product details

  • rotasept disinfectant cleaner
  • For manual disinfection and the cleaning of rotary instruments (drills, milling, diamond polishers, rotary precision instruments)
  • Very good material compatibility
  • Comprehensive microbiological efficacy
  • Corrosion protection
  • Aldehyde-free
  • Short exposure time when using the ultrasound bath (5 minutes)


rotasept’s spectrum

  • Bacteria (incl. TB/M. terrae)
  • Fungus (C. albicans)
  • Virucide (as per EN 14 476)


rotasept can be obtained in various package sizes from your professional supplier

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"rotasept " 100ml


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