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[cq_vc_sidebyside card1iconcolor=”#85aae5″ card1title=”United State” card1content=”Bank of America
USD , Online Banking Transferee
Beneficiary name: Blue Care Limited
Routing (ABA): 061000052
Account number: 00003010605193117″ dividerbg=”#ffffff” dividercolor=”#333333″ card2iconcolor=”#acd68f” card2title=”EU Countries” card2content=”Citibank
EURO , Online Banking Transferee
Beneficiary : Blue Care Limited
IBAN :IE05CITI99005170260385
BIC / Bank Code : CITIIE2X”][cq_vc_sidebyside card1iconcolor=”#85aae5″ card1title=”CANADA” card1content=”Bank name: Digital Commerce Bank
Bank address: 736 Meridian Road NE Calgary, Alberta T2A 2N7, Canada
Institution number: 0352
Transit number: 20009
Account number: 96188846046
Beneficiary name: Blue Care Limited” dividerbg=”#ffffff” dividercolor=”#333333″ card2iconcolor=”#acd68f” card2title=”United Kingdome” card2content=”Bank name: Barclays
Sort code: 231486
Account number: 09293818
Beneficiary name: Blue Care Limited”][cq_vc_sidebyside card1iconcolor=”#85aae5″ card1title=”UAE” card1content=”Bank name: Standard Chartered

Beneficiary name: Blue Care Limited
Bank address: Standard Chartered Tower, Emaar Square Dubai, United Arab Emirates
IBAN : AE950446420010001108434
SWIFT code: SCBLAEADXXX” dividerbg=”#ffffff” dividercolor=”#333333″ card2iconcolor=”#acd68f” card2title=”Singapore” card2content=”Bank name: Citibank N.A., Singapore Branch
Bank address: 8 Marina View #17-01 Asia Square Tower 1 Singapore 018960
Bank code: 7214
Branch code: 001
Account number: 11990717949
Beneficiary name: Blue Care Limited”][cq_vc_sidebyside card1iconcolor=”#85aae5″ card1title=”World Wide Online & Wire Transferee” card1content=”Arab Bank PLC
Currency : USD , EURO
Beneficiary Name: Blue Care
IBAN: JO92ARAB1320000000132172604500
Account number: 0132-172604-500
Hashemite Kingdome of Jordan” dividerbg=”#ffffff” dividercolor=”#333333″ card2iconcolor=”#acd68f”]

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