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Your products are your passion. You invest your heart, time and money in development. We understand that, which is why the sale of your products means more to us than just listing your item in an anonymous table and placing an icon next to it. When we list a new product, our product managers first sift through the data. Ultimately, we like to know what we are talking about. Our experienced copywriters, marketers and translators then ensure that your product is presented in the right light and that it is properly presented to our customers who are almost exclusively medical professionals.

These colleagues are supported by the creative minds within our graphics department who lend the presentation that pivotal finishing touch. At Blue Care, all functions are occupied in house because short paths mean little loss due to conflict and quick, attractive results. It is our common goal to successfully market your product. This makes your product our cause.

Would you like to strengthen your products’ presence in the Blue Care online shop even more? Under “Product Heroes and Themed Categories”, we show you how we can cleverly bring your product into the spotlight

Would you also like to sell your products outside of the English market, but are hesitant to contact the countless potential sales partners in various countries, speaking various languages? Over the past 5  years, Blue Care has developed into an established brand with a high level of familiarity, acquiring plenty of know how throughout the wide reaches of Far East and Middle East. We know that the French doctor has other priorities than a German doctor and that other products are demanded in the Polish market than in the Netherlands, for example.

Our foreign markets are maintained by professionally-versed native speakers who know the requirements in their respective countries. For you as a manufacturer or supplier, that means you have a point of contact and will acquire access to the large part of the European market through us.

Even though the large majority of our activities are now online, we have not forgotten our roots, the classic catalog business. Many doctors still value the personal touch and prefer to order over the telephone. Furthermore despite our opinion that our product texts are the best on the web, some questions are still easiest clarified over the phone. Our team of educated medical product advisers are available for our customers, even in the digital age, and can handle your questions in English, Arabic, French, and Spanish

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Do you still have questions?

Should you still have questions about products or orders, do not be afraid to contact our customer service. We are available per live chat and telephone from Monday to Friday from 8:30 am to 6:00 pm GMT+8 . Outside of our operating hours, please send us an email or leave a message on our answering machine. We will respond as quickly as possible.

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