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About Us

Blue Care is a renowned international medical equipment and supplies Wholesaler and online store. The first spark of Blue Care online Medical Supplies was ignited in 2012,The company was established with a lucid goal; to be customers’ first-choice when it comes to purchasing medical supplies online. We aim to attract various customer sectors as our target market including individuals, businesses, health care facilities, medical professionals, hospitals, and government agencies.

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Our Mission

Fulfilling customers’ expectations and even exceeding it, is the cornerstone of any successful business. Therefore, we were determined from the outset to help our customers find the best products, prices and deals. Our main competitive advantage is to offer a unique level of service at affordable prices. At our online store, we offer an enormously wide range of medical supplies and equipment to fulfil all the needs of all interested parties and customer sectors.
Over the last seven year, we were striving to serve the needs of the healthcare community in the best possible way. We have a dedicated, professional customer support department that is given the job of helping our customers 24/7. The department includes a registered nurse, who is entitled to solve tight situations and answer customers’ tricky technical questions.

Experience & Manufacturers

Blue Care Medical Supplies & Equipment has over 10 year of work experience in the sector of medical supplies and equipment. We represent over 200 suppliers and manufacturers. This versatility enables us to offer customers the supplies and products that best suit their needs as well as their budget.

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Our Products

We like to introduce ourselves as an all-inclusive distributor of healthcare-related products, supplies and equipment. We deal in a broad range of healthcare products, related to various medical areas such as specialized medicine, point-of-care, standard laboratory, advanced wound care, surgical instruments, and orthopedics. We offer in our online store more than 50000 products, as we cover all the healthcare related products from A to Z.

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