Mikrobac forte Surface Disinfectant


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  • Aldehyde-free disinfectant
  • Wide spectrum of efficacy
  • High material compatibility
  • VAH-listed, on the IHO viricidal list
  • Concentrate in various package sizes
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Mikrobac® forte Surface Disinfectant

Mikrobac forte from Bode is an aldehyde-free surface disinfectant with a broad spectrum of efficacy and very good material compatibility, thanks to its material-sensitive protection factor. This disinfectant cleaner is perfectly suitable for areas that require good cleaning power and a low-odor disinfection. Mikrobac forte can easily be combined with the BODE X-Wipes dispenser system.

The surface disinfectant has an active ingredient combination of quaternary ammoniums compounds and amines and thus achieves very good cleaning and disinfection results. The gentle formulation allows the use on all washable equipment, inventory and surfaces in the medical sector. The product is also suitable for surface disinfection in canteen kitchens and food areas as well as for floor disinfection.

Product Details

  • Bode Mikrobac forte from Paul Hartmann
  • Surface disinfectant with good cleaning power
  • Concentrate to make up a working solution
  • Aldehyde-free
  • Broad spectrum of efficacy
  • Can be used for all water-resistant surfaces
  • Ideal for use in medical facilities
  • High material compatibility thanks to a material-sensitive protection factor
  • Ingredients: quaternary ammonium compounds and amines
  • Low-odor formulation
  • Economical; low concentration required
  • VAH-listed, on the IHO viricidal list, CE-marking according to MPG, IHO disinfectant list, list of tested cleaning agents for ceramic coverings in swimming pools
  • Tested in the 4-field test according to VAH
  • Optionally in 5 liter canister or as 20 ml portion bags (250 pcs.)

Spectrum of Efficacy

  • Bactericide
  • Levurocide
  • Tuberculocidal
  • Limited viricide (including HBV, HIV, HCV)
  • Effective against noroviruses, SARS, adenoviruses, polyomaviruses and rotaviruses

Areas of Application

For cleaning and disinfection of washable surfaces in medical facilities (medical practices, dental practices, nursing homes, medical laboratories, clinics) as well as medical equipment and inventory according to MDD. Can also be used in industrial kitchens and in food processing areas. The prepared solution is also suitable for use with the X-Wipes wipe dispenser system from Bode.

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Mikrobac forte Surface Disinfectant

Mikrobac forte Surface Disinfectant