Mitsubishi, K61B / KP61B Video Printer Paper


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  • Robust thermal paper
  • For various Mitsubishi, Sony and Toshiba printers
  • For b/w printers
  • Width: 110 mm
  • 1 x 20 m roll
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Mitsubishi K61B-CE / KP61B-CE Video Printer Paper

The Mitsubishi K61B-CE / KP61B-CE video printer paper can be used with various Mitsubishi b/w printers.

For the following printers:

  • b/w printer P93E
  • b/w printer P93DW
  • b/w printer P95DE
  • b/w printer P60
  • b/w printer P61E
  • b/w printer P65
  • b/w printer P66E
  • b/w printer P67
  • b/w printer P69E
  • b/w printer P90
  • b/w printer P91

For the following Mitsubishi thermal printers:

  • P60, P60B, P60E, P60U, P60x*
  • P61, P61B, P61E, P61U, P61x*
  • P65, P65B, P65E, P65U,P65x*
  • P66, P66B, P66D, P66DE, P66E, P66U, P66DU, P66x*
  • P67, P67B, P67E, P67U, P67x*
  • P68, P68B, P68E, P68U, P68x*
  • P90, P90E, P90W, P90x*
  • P91, P91DW, P91DW(E), P91E, P91W, P91x*
  • P93, P93DW, P93E, P93W, P93W-S, P93x*
  • P95, P95DE, P95DW, P95DW-N, P95x*

For the following SONY thermal printers:

  • UP-104, UP-104x*
  • UP-811, UP-811x* 
  • UP-850, UP-850x* 
  • UP-860, UP-860CE, UP-860x*, UP-D860 
  • UP-870, UP-870x* 
  • UP-890, UP-890CE, UP-890MD, UP-890x*, UP-D890 
  • UP-895, UP-895CE, UP-895MD, UP-895x*, UP-D895 
  • UP-897, UP-897CE, UP-897MD, UP-897x*, UP-D897
  • UP-D898, UP-D898MD
  • UP-X898, UP-X898MD 

For the following TOSHIBA thermal printers:

  • TP-8010
  • TP-8700

[*] x = every possible letter and symbol

Product Details

  • Thermal paper
  • Product name: Mitsubishi K61B-CE / KP61B-CE
  • Width: 110 mm
  • 1 x 20 m roll

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Mitsubishi, K61B / KP61B Video Printer Paper

Mitsubishi, K61B / KP61B Video Printer Paper