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Mucapur MP is a universally applicable cleaning product in powder form, which gently cleans even the most stubborn stains, e.g. blood or remains of starch. The cleaning powder may be used in cleaning and disinfection automates as well as in household dishwashers with powder dosing. Due to the low application concentration, Mucapur MP is particularly economical.

  • Mucapur MP
  • Powder preparation for mechanical, alkaline cleaning
  • Suitable for objects made of glass, plastics, rubber, porcelain, quartz and ceramics
  • Ideally suited for cleaning and disinfection automates as well as household dishwashers with powder dosing
  • Excellent dirt removing capacity
  • Removes various types of stains, e.g. blood, protein, starch remains, tea and coffee stains
  • Gentle on material
  • Highly economical in the application
  • Automatic operation
  • Protects permanently against corrosion damage
  • pH-value approx. 11.6 (0.4% application concentration at 20 degrees)
  • Delivered in 5kg storage bucket

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Mucapur MP