aluderm-aluplast Plaster Dispenser


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  • ABS plastic dispenser with aluderm plasters
  • Contents: 115 aluderm–aluplast dressings
  • Delivered with wall bracket
  • With 3 compartments
  • Transparent lid with tunnel compartment
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aluderm-aluplast Plaster Dispenser with Contents

The aluderm-aluplast plaster dispenser is filled with 115 aluminized aluderm-aluplast wound sticking plasters in the five most common sizes. You can mount the practical dispenser at your place of work, and so always have appropriate and clean plasters quickly to hand. 

Product details for the aluderm-aluplast plaster dispenser

  • Contents: 30 strips, 72 x 25mm; 30 strips, 72 x 19mm; 25 fingertip plasters, 20 finger bandages, 120 x 20 mm; 10 finger joint plasters
  • Dispenser made from ABS plastic, 160 x 122 x 57mm
  • With wall bracket and mounting kit
  • Body: orange
  • Three compartments
  • Transparent lid with tunnel compartment


  • Safe, clear and accessible storage
  • Easy to refill
  • Remove as needed
  • Protects from contamination
  • Increased storage capacity and longer shelf-life

aluderm-aluplast – the adhesive plaster with aluderm

aluderm®-aluplast is a special wound sticking plaster with aluminized aluderm-wound dressing and strong breather. aluderm does not stick to the wound, does not fray, is very absorbent, promotes skin formation and healing and is breathable. 

Product details for aluderm®-aluplast 

  • Carrier material: highly elastic polyester fleece
  • Color: white
  • Very skin-friendly
  • Very breathable
  • Water-resistant
  • The polyacrylate adhesive is also activated by body heat
  • Very smooth
  • Adjusts to all movements
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Does not irritate
  • Also suitable for patients with sensitive skin or plaster allergies

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aluderm-aluplast Plaster Dispenser

aluderm-aluplast Plaster Dispenser