Biotabs Adhesive ECG Electrodes


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  • Single-use electrodes
  • For use with crocodile or universal clips
  • Suited for chest and extremity leads
  • Easy application
  • Hygienic due to single use
Guaranteed usable until: 24/03/2025
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Biotabs Adhesive Electrodes

Biotabs adhesive electrodes are designed for crocodile and universal clips, and can equally be used on the chest as on extremities. Because these adhesive electrodes are single-use items, which are disposed of after use, the risk of infectious transfers and cross-contamination is virtually eliminated.

Product Details

    • Adhesive ECG electrodes on carrier film
    • Designed for use with crocodile and universal clips
    • Secure hold
    • Easy application
    • Hygienic, disposable use
    • Equally useable on the chest as on extremities
    • 1 Pack comes with 100 Biotabs adhesive electrodes

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Biotabs Adhesive ECG Electrodes

Biotabs Adhesive ECG Electrodes