Blood Bag with 450ml Capacity


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  • Sterile blood bag with 16G needle
  • Simple, closed system
  • With CPDA-1 stabilizer
  • Compliant with DIN ISO 3826 & USP
  • 1 pack with 5 blood bags
Guaranteed usable until: 01/07/2025
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Blood Bag, 450 ml Volume

The TRO-DONEX blood bag is a one-way, sealed system which contains CDPA-1 solution. The securely connected 16G needle is precision cut, allowing for pain-free puncture whilst giving a high blood flow rate.

Product Details

  • Blood bag from Trope Medical
  • With 16 G needle
  • One-way sealed system
  • Made of special PVC material
  • Manufactured to the highest quality standards
  • In addition to DIN ISO 3826, they also comply with the USP quality standard
  • Contains 63 ml CPDA-1 stabiliser
  • Sterile packed
  • Packed airtight in an aluminum foil bag
  • Shelf life: 3 years
  • 1 pack with 5 blood bags

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Blood Bag with 450ml Capacity

Blood Bag with 450ml Capacity