DiaSpect TM Haemoglobinometer


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  • Point of care testing of the HB value
  • Measurement results within 2 seconds
  • Automatic self test after each measurement
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DiaSpect TM Haemoglobinometer

Delivery contents: Hb meter, power supply unit, adapter, USB cable, operating instructions

The DiaSpect TM is a haemoglobinometer that provides a quick and reliable point-of-care measurement of the total hemoglobin in capillary, venous or arterial blood samples. The compact design, low weight and simple test procedure makes this hemoglobin analyzer excellent for a mobile hemoglobin test.

The hemoglobin value is quantitatively, photometrically measured with the help of a multichromatic, broad spectrum sensor. The cuvettes used for the measurement do not have any reagents, the device is factory calibrated and the control solution can be separately purchased for confirming the functionality of the testing device.

The DiaSpect TM haemoglobinometer is equipped with an integrated, rechargeable battery that can be optionally charged with a wall charger or through a computer USB port. Depending on the selected variant, the meter will display the results in g/dl, g/l or mmol/l.

Product Details

  • DiaSpect TM hemoglobin analyzer
  • For quantitative determination of the total hemoglobin in human blood
  • Sample material: capillary, venous or arterial blood 
  • Sample volume: < 10 μl
  • Measurement time: 1-2 seconds
  • Measurement done with special single-use hemoglobin cuvettes
  • Photometric testing principle
  • Result display in g/dl, in g/l or in mmol/l depending on the variant
  • Measuring range (depending on variant): 0.3-25.5 g/dl / 0.3-255 g/l / 0.2-15.9 mmol/l
  • With charge level display
  • Integrated, rechargeable battery 
  • “Always on” technology allows for constant usability 
  • Device automatically switches to energy-saving mode when not in use
  • Data transfer via USB 2.0 port or Bluetooth interface 
  • Can be connected to the EKF Link Middleware via Bluetooth or USB
  • Dimensions: 15 x 9 x 4 cm (L x W x H)
  • Weight: approx. 185 g
  • Internal memory for up to 4000 measurement results
  • Automatic self test after each measurement 
  • Quality control reminder function
  • Simple, fast test procedure
  • Reliable measurement results

Test Procedure with the DiaSpect Haemoglobinometer

  • Take blood sample
  • With capillary blood, immediately fill cuvette with blood
  • With arterial or venous blood samples, turn the blood collection tube end over end multiple times and then draw some plod with a pipette, place a drop of blood on the hydrophobic surface (e.g. pretest) and dip the cuvette in the blood
  • Ensure the complete filling of the cuvette
  • Wipe away blood that has overflown onto the outside of the cuvette
  • Place filled cuvette in the cuvette holder on the DiaSpect TM until it latches
  • As soon as the test results are displayed, remove the cuvette and dispose of as per regulatory requirements
  • The checkmark symbol confirms a proper measurement–the result can be documented

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DiaSpect TM Haemoglobinometer

DiaSpect TM Haemoglobinometer