Disposable Lancets Unistik 3


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  • Disposable finger pricking aid
  • For reduced pain perception (CZT)
  • Marking for correct positioning
  • Release button on the side of the lancing device
  • Protection against needlestick injuries
Guaranteed usable until: 28/12/2027
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Disposable Lancets Unistik 3

The single-use lancets for easy and gentle blood collection from the finger feature Comfort Zone Technology (CZT). Eight raised pressure points on the patient’s end of the lancet stimulate the brain during blood sampling and reduce the perception of pain. Since blood glucose monitoring in diabetes patients has to be continuous and regular, diabetics benefit particularly from a low-pain puncture. The lancets have a locking mechanism to prevent repeated use and the needle retracts into the housing after use to prevent needlestick injuries.

Application overview

  • For gentle blood sampling from the fingertip
  • For blood sampling in the context of blood glucose determination
  • For safe collection due to locking mechanism

Product Details

  • Disposable lancets Unistik 3
  • Lancing device for blood glucose determination
  • Safety lancets
  • Side release button
  • Ergonomic design
  • CZT for painless blood sampling
  • Protection against needlestick injuries
  • Marking for correct positioning
  • Locking mechanism to avoid repeated use

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Disposable Lancets Unistik 3