Disposable Needles, Special Sizes


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  • Consumable needle with beveled edge
  • Color coded per DIN EN ISO 6009
  • High flow rate
  • Special sizes
  • 1 pack with 100 pieces
Guaranteed usable until: 09/07/2026
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Neoject Disposable Needles

Neoject disposable needles from Disponed Witt feature a Luer-Lock connection. The special bevel cut on these disposable needles ensures less pain during injection and minimal trauma. These disposable needles also come with a flexible needle shaft and are made of stainless steel.

Product Details

  • Neoject disposable needles in special sizes
  • Complies with DIN EN ISO 7864
  • Sterile R (Gamma sterilised)
  • Precision lancet grinding
  • Dry siliconisation
  • Transparent Luer/Luer-lock connector
  • Colour-coded in accordance with DIN EN ISO 6009
  • Low residual volume
  • Clean glue
  • High flow rate
  • Color-coded hub
  • Suitable for human, veterinary and dental medicine
  • Individually sterile packaged
  • 1 pack containing 100 needles.

You can order the Neoject disposable cannula from Praxis idents in various sizes.

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26G 0.45 x 13mm, brown, 25G 0.50 x 16mm, orange, 23G 0.60 x 60mm, blue, 21G 0.80 x 50mm, green, 20G 0.90 x 70mm, yellow, 19G 1.1 x 40mm, ivory, 18G 1.2 x 40mm, pink, 17G 1,50 x 50 mm, purple, 16G 1,60 x 25 mm, white, 16G 1,60 x 50 mm, white

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Disposable Needles, Special Sizes

Disposable Needles, Special Sizes