Emergency Hammer with Belt Knife


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  • Rescue hammer with 2 steel tips
  • Incl. belt cutter on handle end
  • With vehicle holster
  • Made of unbreakable plastic
  • Color: red-orange
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Emergency Hammer with Seat Belt Cutter

This emergency glass hammer with seat belt cutter is suited for breaking vehicle windows during an emergency to provide quick access to the accident victim. With the belt cutter found on the other end, the victim can be quickly cut free of the seat belt.

The blade of the seatbelt cutter is initially tucked away in the handle to minimize the risk of injury and ensure the safety of the first responder. The integrated seatbelt cutter is ideal for cutting seat belts so that accident victims can be freed as quickly as possible. As it is firmly anchored in the body of the hammer it does not have to be transported separately.

The emergency hammer is made of unbreakable plastic, while the two hammer tips are made of steel, which makes it possible to break windows in cars, buses or other vehicles. The handle of the emergency hammer is ribbed, which ensures a secure grip while hitting.

Thanks to the holster, the hammer can be easily fixed to vehicle walls so that it is always ready to hand when needed. Thanks to its red color in contrast to the black holder, the emergency hammer is highly visible.

The emergency hammer is supplied in red with a matching black holster.

Product Details

  • Emergency hammer with seat belt cutter
  • Made of unbreakable plastic
  • For breaking auto glass and slicing through seat belts
  • With black, vehicle holster
  • Both sides of the hammer tips are made of steel
  • Includes belt cutter on the handle end
  • Color: red-orange
  • 1 piece

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Emergency Hammer with Belt Knife

Emergency Hammer with Belt Knife