Forearm Crutches


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  • Single crutch with reflector
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Plastic arm support
  • Height adjustable from 70 – 93 cm
  • Max. load bearing capacity: 135 kg
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Forearm Crutch

The forearm crutch from Teqler is equipped with an ergonomically-shaped handle and a plastic arm support that provides stability while walking. The 9-level height adjustment makes it quick and easy to adjust each forearm crutch to the patient’s height. At the base of the crutch is a rubber capsule that ensures stability, keeping it from slipping. In order to ensure that the patient with the crutches is easily seen, these crutches have reflectors on the handle. The shaft of the forearm crutch is made of lightweight yet robust aluminum.

Product Details for the Forearm Crutch

  • Forearm crutch
  • Ergonomically-shaped handle
  • Plastic arm support
  • Reflectors on the handle provide good visibility to others e.g. in crosswalks
  • Body made of light metal tubing (aluminum, silver-colored)
  • 9-level height adjustable from 70 – 93 cm (from the lower edge of the handle)
  • Rubber capsules on the base provide high slip-resistance and stability
  • Can be used individually or in pairs
  • Maximum load capacity per crutch: 135 kg
  • 1 crutch

You can order your Teqler forearm crutch in your choice of blue, red or grey.

Areas of Application for the Forearm Crutches

Forearm crutches are used to relieve the lower extremities and trunk, e.g. for those with orthopedic ailments or following a surgical operation. Furthermore, the crutches can be used to improve mobility of patients with light walking instability. For complete relief of the lower extremities, the crutches should always be used in pairs (3-point stride); partial relief can also be achieved with a single crutch.

In addition to the forearm crutches, you will also find other walking aids and products for improving mobility in our online shop for medical supplies.

Please note: Only 1 crutch is delivered! Should you want to order a pair of forearm crutches, please add the item 2x to your basket!

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Forearm Crutches

Forearm Crutches