GlowCheck hygiene control


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  • Optical disinfection control
  • Ideal for checking proper surface disinfection
  • Suitable for clinics and medical practices
  • Ready for immediate use
  • 7-piece set
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GlowCheck Test Kit for Hygiene Control

The GlowCheck provides a simple and cost effective solution for monitoring whether cleaning and disinfection has been carried out properly. The GlowCheck hygiene check can be carried out on almost all surfaces – the special color is generally removed without residue.

Test Principle

The surface that is to be cleaned and disinfected is marked with the special color in the GlowCheck test kit. The color can only be seen under UV black light, so that the cleaning staff cannot see if a surface has been color-marked. With proper cleaning and disinfection, the marking is removed without residue from the surface – if the disinfection is not carried out or is inadequate, the marking is not removed or is not fully removed.

The special LED-UV black light torch shows whether the cleaning staff has cleaned thoroughly and as required by regulations.

The GlowCheck hygiene control set is a complete, ready-to-use set consisting of the GlowCheck UV special color (to spray and to refill the stamp), an automatic stamp, a GlowCheck marker, a training CD and a 12-LED-UV black light torch. The hygiene control set can be used anytime, anywhere and gives you a reliable overview of the effectiveness of the cleaning service.

GlowCheck Hygiene Control Package

  • 30 ml GlowCheck UV-special color (pump spray)
  • 30 ml GlowCheck UV-special color (stamp color)
  • GlowCheck marker
  • GlowCheck automatic stamp (HYGIENE CHECK!)
  • Training CD-ROM
  • High performance 12-LED UV black light torch 

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GlowCheck hygiene control

GlowCheck hygiene control