Histoacryl Tissue Adhesive


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  • Polymerizes within 10 seconds
  • Wound protected by an antibacterial barrier
  • Easy and precise dosing
  • The patient can shower after application
  • Time and cost-effective
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Histoacryl Skin Glue

The transparent Histoacryl skin glue from the manufacturer B. Braun is specially designed for the closure of smooth and fresh skin wounds. After application, the skin glue dries quickly and forms an antibacterial protective film over the wound. In this way, the wound is effectively protected from the penetration of germs and thus from infections during the healing period.

Product Details

  • Histoacryl skin glue from B.Braun
  • For closing smooth and fresh skin wounds
  • Dries within 60 seconds
  • Monomer polymerises to a solid within 10 seconds
  • Easy application thanks to the twist-off tip of the ampoule
  • Small ampoule opening enables exact dosage
  • Waterproof and visually inconspicuous
  • Forms an antibacterial film on the wound
  • Effectively protects against infections
  • Complication-free and cosmetically appealing wound healing
  • Detaches itself after a few days
  • Consists of n-butyl-2-cyanoacrylate
  • Easy removal of surfaces or instruments with acetone
  • Storage: protected from light at room temperature
  • No additional wound plaster required
  • Suitable for the treatment of skin wounds after surgical interventions
  • Ideal for use during surgery
  • Delivery contents: 5 ampoules with 0.5 ml each


  • For skin closure of non-tensile wounds, such as surgical incisions
  • For sclerosing large esophageal or fundal varices
  • For the fixation of hernia nets

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Histoacryl Tissue Adhesive

Histoacryl Tissue Adhesive