Injection Training Arm


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  • Realistic vein conditions
  • Ideal for training injections/punctures
  • Veins can be filled with synthetic blood
  • Made from soft PVC
  • Washable and disinfectant resistant
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Injection Training Arm

This injection training arm from HeineScientific is a life-size arm model for learning and practicing various venipuncture and injection techniques. The injection arm is equipped with special “veins”, which can be filled with artificial blood (e.g. artificial, colored water or fruit tea), creating a realistic training situation.

The filling and emptying of the “vein” can be done simply via 2 tubes, which can be closed with a clamp. The model is also suitable for training IM injections, and the upper arm of the model has a special injection area where this can be practiced.

The injection arm is made from soft PVC, which not only feels similar to skin, but also provides a realistic amount of resistance during injection/puncture. In addition, the injection arm is resistant to disinfectants and is washable.

For training the following techniques:

  • Venipuncture in the crook of the elbow
  • Intravenous drug injection (IV)
  • IV insertion
  • Intramuscular (IM) injection into the upper arm
  • Bloodletting

 Product Details

  • Injection arm made from soft PVC
  • Washable and resistant to disinfectants
  • Special area for IM injections
  • Realistic conditions for injection/venipuncture training
  • Veins can be filled via tubes
  • Includes 2 clamps for sealing the tubes

Application overview

  • For practicing venipuncture in the crook of the elbow, medication administration, infusions, injections and bloodletting

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Injection Training Arm

Injection Training Arm