Intestinal forceps


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  • Allis forceps with lockable closure
  • Interlocking: 4:5
  • Length: 16 cm
  • Made of stainless steel, matted
  • Serializable
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Lockable intestinal forceps

Allis intestinal forceps are made from medical-grade stainless steel which is unpolished to prevent reflection during use. These lockable forceps feature interlinking teeth for ultra precise closure and secure tissue holding. Intestinal forceps are usually used to grip and hold non-sensitive tissue or tissue to be excised.

Product details for intestinal forceps

  • Allis forceps
  • In unpolished stainless steel
  • With lockable closure
  • Precise closure with teeth 4:5
  • Length: 16 cm
  • Problem-free sterilization in autoclaves or steam or gas sterilizers
  • 1 forceps

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Intestinal forceps

Intestinal forceps