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  • Sterile irrigation syringe
  • Transparent, smudge-proof plunger
  • Central catheter connection
  • With piston stop
  • Includes a Luer adapter
Guaranteed usable until: 15/08/2027
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Teqler Irrigation Syringe with Catheter Tip

The Teqler wound and bladder syringe has a centric catheter hub, an additional Luer adapter and a transparent plunger with sealing ring. The wipe-resistant graduation of the bubble syringe is easy to read and enables exact volume dosing. The syringe is particularly user-friendly due to the smooth-gliding piston and the plunger stopper, and is available in various sizes to suit your needs.

Product Details for the Teqler Irrigation Syringe

  • Sterile syringe for wound or bladder irrigation
  • With Luer adapter
  • Central catheter connection
  • Transparent piston with O-ring
  • Smooth-gliding piston
  • Stopper prevents piston from sliding out
  • Smudge-proof graduation
  • Scaling for exact dosing
  • Easy to read scale
  • Individually sterile packed
  • 1 pack contains 25 syringes


Wound and bladder syringes are used in medicine, for example, to irrigate wounds, for punctures, for catheter and bladder irrigation, as part of drug instillation, and for administering nutrition in parenteral nutrition. Thanks to the Luer adapter supplied, the sterile wound and bladder syringe can be universally connected to a probe, three-way stopcock, i.v. catheter and cannula, and can thus be used in practices and clinics whenever medical procedures are carried out under sterile conditions.

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Irrigation Syringes

Irrigation Syringes