Life-Size Human Skeleton Model


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  • 180 cm tall skeleton model
  • Removable extremities, 3-part dis as semblable skull
  • Delivered with tip-secure mobile stand
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Life-Size Human Skeleton

This human skeleton model consists of more than 200 bones – how many exactly depends on the individual model; usually, between 206 and 214. Generally, the skeleton is subdivided into a skull, torso, upper extremity, lower extremity and accessory bones.

The life-size skeletal model by HeineScientific provides a 1:1 representation of the human bone structure. Additional features include the moveable spinal column, flexible discs, the removable extremities and the 3-part dissectible skull. For flexibility of use and ease of transport, the skeleton is attached to a tilt-resistant, mobile base.

This Skeletal Model is set apart by the following functions:

  • Spinal column with discs; including one prolapsed disc
  • All anatomical details are accurately represented
  • The extremities are removable, as well as the 3-part skull
  • The skeleton is attached to a tilt-resistant mobile stand
  • Height: approx. 180 cm

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Life-Size Human Skeleton Model

Life-Size Human Skeleton Model