Cryo Professional | Cryosurgical Aid


  • Cryosurgical Aid
  • With Hygienic, Disposable Applicators
  • For Treatment of Benign Lesions
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Cryo Professional is a cryosurgical aid for professional application in the treatment of benign lesions. Because the treatment of the patients will be handled with a special, disposable applicator, the risk of cross-contamination and infectious transfers is considerably reduced. The Cryo Professional allows for simple application and offers the benefit of short treatment sessions.
You may order the Cryo Professional with your choice of 5mm or 2mm applicators.


Product Details 
  • Cryo Professional
  • Cryosurgical aid for professional use
  • Ideal for treatment of benign lesions
  • Can be used in adults and children of at least 4 years
  • Simple administration
  • Especially hygienic through its disposable applicator
  • Short treatment time (between 15 und 40 seconds)
  • For use with disposable applicators (incl. in package)
  • Aerosol dispenser, quantity: 170ml
  • Available with 50 x 5mm applicators or 60 x 2mm applicators

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With 50 x 5mm Applicators, With 60 x 2mm Applicators

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Cryo Professional | Cryosurgical Aid

Cryo Professional | Cryosurgical Aid