Dismofix G Glossy Cleaner


  • Low-foaming; streak-free drying
  • Also suited for sensitive surfaces
  • For manual or mechanical cleaning
  • 1 Litre Bottle
  • 5 Litre Canister
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Dismofix G Glossy Cleaner


Dismofix G from Hartmann is a low-foaming, glossy cleaner that is designed for cleaning all washable surfaces and coated floors. The cleaning concentrate can be manually or mechanically applied and offers great cleaning strength with high efficiency.


Product Details for Dismofix G

  • Dismofix G Glossy Cleaner
  • Cleaning concentrate for all washable surfaces and coated floors
  • Completely streak-free drying
  • Low foaming
  • Manually and mechanically applicable
  • High cleaning power
  • Environmentally friendly and economical
  • Available in various packages
  • Proven compatibility with the following products: Dismozon plus, Kohrsolin FF, Kohrsolin extra, Mikrobac forte, Mikrobac food



Non-ionic Tenside, Alcohols, Fragrances, Additives


Possible Applications for Dismofix G

  • For cleaning water-resistant materials like plastic or lacquered surfaces
  • Streak-free cleaning of sensitive surfaces e.g. glass, mirrors, stainless steel, ceramics
  • Maintenance cleaning of coated floors
  • Mechanical cleaning of all populated floors with a cleaning device
  • Cleaning slippery floors

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1 Litre Bottle, 5 Litre Canister

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Dismofix G Glossy Cleaner 1 Litre Bottle

Dismofix G Glossy Cleaner


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