Foliodrape® Combiset® Suture Set I


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  • Set for wound closure
  • With disposable steel instruments
  • Including dressing materials & perforated drape
  • Sterile shelf life of several years
  • Immediately ready for use
Guaranteed usable until: 01/07/2028
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CombiSet ® Suture Set I

This Hartmann suture set consists of instruments and supplies required for wound closure using surgical sutures. Because all items included in the set are single-use products, there are no additional costs for instrument preparation. The suture set has a sterile shelf life of several years and can, therefore, be cost-effectively stored.


  • 1 x Adson forceps, surgical, 12 cm (disposable instrument)
  • 1 x Surgical scissors, pointed/blunt ends, straight, 14.5 cm (disposable instrument)
  • 1 x Mayo-Hegar needle holder, 12 cm (disposable instrument)
  • 5 x Gauze swabs, plum-sized
  • 5 x Fleece gauze pads, 7.5 x 7.5 cm 
  • 1 x Foliodrape® protect slit sheet, Ø 7 cm, 60 x 50 cm  

The disposable instruments are PEHA® instruments made of brushed steel. These disposable instruments are marked on both sides as single-use products and can be disposed of in puncture-proof containers (sharps bins). The matted metal prevents unwanted reflections during use.

Product Details

  • Sterile packaging, with a sterile shelf life of several years 
  • Includes single-use products, only
  • Can be used in combination with all common surgical threads 
  • Also suitable for equipping emergency kits or doctors’ bags
  • Featuring Peha® Color Lock® security labelling for reliable differentiation of reusable instruments


  • Economic storage due to long, sterile shelf-life
  • Fewer personnel costs
  • Less material costs
  • No expensive documentation
  • Optimal safety for doctor and patient 
  • Immediately ready to use

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Foliodrape? Combiset? Suture Set I

Foliodrape® Combiset® Suture Set I