Gammex Latex Moisturizing 6.5


  • Surgical gloves with HydraSoft technology
  • Rehydrates the hands while wearing
  • Prevents early fatiguing of the hands
  • 6.5
  • 6.0
  • 7.0
  • 7.5
  • 8.0
  • 8.5
  • 9.0
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Gammex Latex Moisturizing


The Gammex Latex Moisturizing surgical gloves from Ansell feature HydraSoft technology, which effectively combats the unpleasant results of wearing gloves over an extended period of time. The skin is hydrated and protected from drying out. Rehydration and reconstruction of a protective barrier ensure that the skin is less susceptible to penetration from micro-organisms, allergens and irritants. The Gammex Latex Moisturizing surgical gloves also leave hands feeling soft and moisturized, while combating cracking.


Product Details for Gammex Latex Moisturizing Surgical Gloves

  • Powder-free surgical gloves
  • Material: latex
  • Rehydrates hands while wearing
  • Very comfortable, soft feel
  • Easy to don and remove, even with wet hands
  • Natural fit with optimum thumb position and wide thumb ball
  • Prevent premature hand fatigue
  • Cuff with adhesive band
  • Highly elastic and flexible
  • High tensile strength
  • Very good tactile sensitivity
  • Optimum grip control in wet and dry environments
  • Colour: white
  • Sterile packed in pairs
  • 1 pack contains 50 pairs


HydraSoft Technology

HydraSoft technology from Ansell can actively bind moisture and rehydrate the skin with this moisture. The main components, glycerine and dimethicone, reinforce the skin’s ability to store water and form a protective barrier, preventing the skin from drying out. Gloves with HydraSoft technology combat the negative effects of wearing gloves for prolonged periods – hands are moisturized and protected from drying out and cracking. The protection also ensures that allergens, micro-organisms and irritants cannot so easily penetrate the skin.
Technical Details for the Gammex Latex Moisturizing

  • AQL: 1.5
  • With HydraSoft technology
  • Low protein content
  • Synthetic internal coating of the surgical glove protects hands from direct contact with potential latex allergens
  • Drastically reduced chemical residues
  • Free from thiuramens and MTB
  • Suitable for double gloving


The powder-free Gammex Latex Moisturizing surgical gloves from Ansell are available in a wide range of sizes. Only by selecting the right glove size can optimum fit and optimum protection be ensured.

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6.5, 6.0, 7.0, 7.5, 8.0, 8.5, 9.0

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Gammex Latex Moisturizing 6.5

Gammex Latex Moisturizing 6.5