Irrigation Cannulas, straight


  • Straight, stainless steel irrigation cannula
  • Disinfectable and autoclaveable
  • With Luer-Lock connector
  • 19G 1.0x 40mm
  • 18G 1.2x 40mm
  • 18G 1.2x 60mm
  • 17G 1.5x 80mm
  • 14G 2.0x 80mm
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  • Irrigation cannula made from stainless steel
  • Straight form
  • With Luer-Lock connector
  • Disinfectant ready
  • Autoclaveable
  • Stated length is the cannula length without connector
  • 1 Unit

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19G 1.0x 40mm, 18G 1.2x 40mm, 18G 1.2x 60mm, 17G 1.5x 80mm, 14G 2.0x 80mm

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Irrigation Cannulas, straight