Primasept Med, Disinfecting Washing Lotion 500 ml


  • Disinfecting washing lotion
  • Effective against difficult messes
  • Bactericidal, fungicidal and virucidal
  • 500 ml
  • 5 litres
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Primasept Med, Disinfecting Washing Lotion


Primasept Med is a washing compound for hygienic hand sanitation and skin disinfection. Primasept Med provides an excellent clean, even with stubborn messes. This disinfecting washing lotion has a wide spectrum of efficacy and is even useful for disinfecting gloves.


Product Details for Primasept Med

  • Disinfecting washing lotion with a wide active spectrum
  • For hygienic hand sanitation and skin disinfection
  • Excellent cleaning properties with even the toughest contaminations
  • No drippage from the hands, due to user-friendly viscosity
  • Suited for disinfecting gloves
  • Spectrum of efficacy: bactericidal (incl. microbacteria), fungicidal, virucidal: Papova viruses, HBV, HIV


The disinfecting washing lotion Primasept med is available as needed in varying package sizes.


Hygienic Hand Disinfection:
Unless otherwise required, take 3ml of primasept med, as needed, and evenly rub it into your hands for 1 minute. Be careful with your finger nails. When finished, rinse the lotion off with water. By tuburculosis contamination, disinfect your hands 2 times.
Skin Disinfection:
Unless otherwise required, rub in 3ml of undiluted primasept med, as needed, for every 900 cm2 of skin (about the surface area of the underam), allow 1 minute to work. Submerge in water and wash for one minute. Rinse with water.

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500 ml, 5 litres

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Primasept Med, Disinfecting Washing Lotion 500 ml

Primasept Med, Disinfecting Washing Lotion 500 ml


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